ARTIST: Sharon Hodges

Nature’s unbridled raw energy inspires me to reach deep inside a subject and extract the essence that makes it distinctively unique. I love to take a familiar theme and give it a fresh new perspective. Like nature, there is nothing subtle about my paintings. They have a voice and a physicality that demands to be noticed – some even scream for your attention!


Strong brush strokes and bold colors help translate the intrinsic spirit I sense in animals, people, and landscapes. Color departure, exaggeration, and elaboration are just a few of the methods I use to transform what I see, into what I feel. Under-painting in contrasting hues produces an interesting interplay of color, and I never tire of transcribing the reaction of light on a place or a thing to bring out its ephemeral qualities.


Expressing my experience in the world through my art is important to me. ‘Sculpting’ a canvas with multiple layers of paint and a palette knife creates amazing depth and dimension, and gives me another way to share a brief moment in time.


My work is physically demanding because it requires the constant movement of paint on canvas for long periods of time. I call it aerobic painting. Once I start a project, I fall into a natural rhythm with the subject, and I paint, and paint, and paint…until it’s finished and I am absolutely exhausted.


My goal and my hope is that people feel a surge of positive energy and joy every time they look at one of my paintings. I’m very fortunate to be at a point in my life where I can pursue my passion and just shut up and paint!

Sharon Hodges